7th Annual CISE Graduate Student Workshop (CGSW 7.0)

The Center for Information and Systems Engineering will host its 7th annual CISE Graduate Student Workshop (CGSW) on January 15, 2020 at the Boston University Photonics Center.  Organized by students, for students, CGSW 7.0 is a day-long event that encourages interdisciplinary sharing among students and faculty across diverse application areas. CGSW 7.0 gives participants the opportunity to share their research and hone their presentation skills in an engaging, collaborative environment.

Best Paper, Best Presenter Student Competitions

At this year’s event, participating students will have the opportunity to be recognized with a Best Paper or Best Presenter award. Winners will be recognized at a reception held that evening at the BU Castle. Participant eligibility and criteria available here. View the CGSW 7.0 Agenda.

2020 Student Speakers

  • Iman Abdalla (Advisor: Thomas Little): Dynamic FOV Tracking Receiver for Dense Optical Wireless Networks
  • William Blair (Advisor: Manuel Egele) Hash After Free (HaF): An Asynchronous Defense Against Use After Free Exploits through Lightweight libc Instrumentation
  • Leila Delshadtehrani (Advisors: Manuel Egele & Ajay Joshi): PHMon: A Programmable Hardware Monitor and Its Security Use Cases
  • Beliz Kaleli (Advisor: Gianluca Stringhini) On the Perils of Leaking Referrers in Online Collaboration Services
  • Wenrui Li (Advisors: Eric Kolaczyk & Daniel Sussman): Estimation of the Epidemic Branching Factor in Noisy Contact Networks 
  • Clara Lin (Advisor: Sean Andersson): Simultaneous Localization and Parameter Estimation for Single Particle Tracking via Sigma Points based EM
  • Jingwei Ma (Advisor: Konstantinos Spiliopoulos): Mean Field Limits of Spatial Reaction-Diffusion Systems
  • Samuel Pinto (Advisor: Sean Andersson): Optimal Multi-Agent Persistent Monitoring of the Uncertain State of a Finite Set of Targets
  • Charles Saunders (Advisor: Vivek Goyal ): Computational Periscopy with an Ordinary Digital Camera
  • Zachary Serlin (Advisor: Calin Belta ): A Formal Methods Approach to Interpretable Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Planning
  • Zhenpeng Shi (Advisor: David Starobinski): A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Shared/Buy-in Computing Systems
  • Ali Siahkamari (Advisor: Brian Kulis): Learning Bregman Divergences
  • Shahabeddin Sotudian (Advisor: Yannis Paschalidis): Machine Learning for Personalized Medicine: A Scoring Model for Drug Sensitivity Prediction
  • Ozan Tezcan (Advisor: Janusz Konrad): BSUV-Net: A Fully-Convolutional Neural Network for Background Subtraction of Unseen Videos
  • Taiyao Wang (Advisor: Yannis Paschalidis): Convergence of Parameter Estimates for Regularized Mixed Linear Regression Models
  • Shirantha Welikala (Advisor: Christos Cassandras): Improved Performance Bound Guarantees for Submodular Maximization and Applications in Multi-Agent Coverage Control

 2020 Plenary Speakers

  • Lin Li, Technical Staff, Artificial Intelligence Technology and Systems Group, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Amin Tahmasbi, Research Scientist and Software Engineer, Optimus Ride
  • Shiv Vitaladevuni, Senior Manager, Machine Learning, Alexa Speech, Amazon 

CGSW 7.0 is open to all to come, listen, and participate. Register now.

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Event Date: Wednesday, January 15th
Workshop: 8 St. Mary’s St, PHO 210 (9:00am-5:00pm)
Reception: The Castle (5:00pm-7:30pm) 

CGSW 7.0 Student Organizer Team: Andrew Cutler (PhD ECE candidate), Arian Houshmand (PhD SE candidate),  Zihuan Qiao (PhD Statistics candidate), Zachary Serlin (PhD ME candidate)