Writing Staff

Ashley Mayrianne Jones (CAS/COM ’14) is an ecology major and animal-lover from New Hampshire hoping to obtain a graduate degree in conservation veterinary medicine. Ashley can be reached at ashjones@bu.edu.
Anuhya Caipa (CAS ’12) is a neuroscience major from New Jersey working as a research assistant for the Berenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation. Anuhya can be reached at acaipa@bu.edu.
Jenn Kole (CAS ’13) is a human and environmental biology enthusiast from Connecticut intending to attend medical school after her undergraduate studies at Boston University. Jenn can be reached at jkole@bu.edu.
Kripa Patel (ENG/CAS ’13) is pursuing a dual degree in biomedical engineering and physics while studying in Geneva, Switzerland this spring. Kripa can be reached at kp3190@gmail.com.
Sarah Hodge (SAR ’12) will graduate in May with a degree in public health. She hails from Colorado, where she has worked for the Centers for Disease Control. Sarah can be reached at sehodge@bu.edu.
Varuna Rao (ENG ’13) is a student and lab assistant at the Boston University Biomedical Engineering Brain and Vision Research Laboratory. Varuna can be reached at vmrao117@gmail.com.
Heather Baldwin (CAS ’12) is a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology major from Pennsylvania currently studying the neurobiology of Autism at Boston University’s medical school. Heather can be reached at hbaldwin@bu.edu.
Jennie David (CAS ’13) is a psychology major from Nova Scotia. She hopes to use her personal experience with Crohn’s Disease to support and inspire chronically ill children as a future pediatric psychologist. Jennie can be reached at jendavid@bu.edu.
Paula Garcia (COM ’15) is a first-year journalism student from Florida planning to enter the field of science journalism as a magazine reporter. Paula can be reached at paulagp@bu.edu.
Pooja Sahani (SMG ’14) is a finance and economics major focusing on the impacts of Occupy Wall Street on her native state of New York. Pooja can be reached at psahani@bu.edu.