Staff Application

Synapse is an expanding organization and has great opportunities for editors, designers, and marketers. We are always looking for motivated and talented undergraduates to join our staff, so feel free to send us an application. Just follow the 3 easy steps!


Google Forms Staff Application


  1. Fill out the Google Forms application above.
  2. Find an appropriate sample of your work.  
    • Writing sample
    • Design portfolio
    • Marketing plans
    • Mass communications
  3. E-mail the application and attachments to with the subject “Staff Application [First Name] [Last Name]”.

We’ll get in touch with you from there!

Staff Openings

To give you a sense of the people we recruit, check out the descriptions below. Like any job posting, that’s just our wish list!


  • Editor – Responsible for a team of authors. Duties include meeting with authors and other editors on a weekly basis, checking for scientific validity of articles, keeping team on task by meeting deadlines, and double checking edited articles for grammatical errors. Ideal candidate has past experience with Synapse, commitment to meeting regularly, and great time management and communication skills.
  • Feature Article Author –  Feature/research articles typically range about 4-5 pages in length and deal with exploring a thesis in a particular subject. Many are class assignments that are re-edited into article length. They may be research or review of a study, and require research and citations from scholarly journals. Ideal candidate has extensive knowledge of the topic or is majoring in that field of study.
  • Mini-Article Author – Mini articles range from 1-2 pages and are published on a weekly or biweekly basis. The articles can be a general overview of an interesting science topic, or “pop science”. Mini-Article authors should commit to submitting material on a regular basis. Ideal candidate has good time management and strong writing skills, as well as an interest in the topic.

Please contact Editorial Manager Ashley Jones at for more information.


  • Print Designer – Design pleasing and eye-catching pamphlets, flyers, posters, banners, etc. Must have experience with Adobe CS4 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).
  • Web Designer – Design elegant web interfaces for our WordPress website. Must have experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, and Adobe CS4 (Photoshop, Illustrator).
  • Producer (Video) – Produce interviews, promotional, and article videos. Must have experience with Adobe CS4 (After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator) and/or Apple Final Cut Studio.
  • Creative – Create design concepts for any production content. Must have a solid foundation in artistic principles and be able to draw concepts well. Would be a plus to know how to use Adobe CS4.
  • Photographer – Take and manage all photos/licenses for the organization. Must have prior experience and a camera. Would need to learn how to negotiate photo rights.

Marketing and Communications

  • Faculty/Department Marketing Associate – Interface with faculty members and departments in promoting Synapse. Would be responsible for managing faculty panel and maintaining relationships with 14 departments at Boston University. Strong organization and communication skills required.
  • Student Marketing Associate – Involve students by recruiting authors and staff members, as well as boosting readership. Would interface with other undergraduate clubs/organizations and coordinate large public events. Strong organization, communication, and creative skills required. Prior marketing experience preferred.
  • Public Relations Associate – Involve the community at large (Boston University to world level) by boosting readership. Currently serving over 30 states and 22 countries, we would like to earn dominant Boston-area brand recognition by the end of the year. Would organize public events, attend conferences, meetings, etc. Strong organization, communication, and creative skills required. Prior marketing experience preferred.