As Questrom’s first permanently endowed institute, the Susilo Institute is distinct in its place at the intersection of ethics, economics, and global culture. Through its dedication to committed engagement, informed dialogue, and impassioned debate surrounding today’s most pressing issues in global ethics and the economy, the Institute ensures that Questrom students and business leaders have the information and tools necessary to make the most strategic, effective, and responsible decisions for themselves and their organizations. The Institute ultimately aims to be a positive influence on both the academic environment and on the larger global economy. “If we want a sustainable business environment, then we must establish a virtuous cycle in business ethics,” says Harry Susilo, founder and chairman of the Sekar Group, established in 1966 and based in Surabaya, Indonesia. .

See the original full-length article the appeared on BU Today in 2014 announcing the inception of the Institute through Harry Susilo’s generous and visionary endowment gift.