Every organization impacts society, intentionally or not. As a consequence, it is the ethics, norms, and values of these organizations, and not only policies, regulations, and laws that shape the fabric of the global economy and of our society.

The Susilo Institute examines global ethical challenges from investor, corporate, and individual perspectives, and draws upon our core faculty’s expertise to examine viable solutions to these challenges.


Housed at the Boston University Questrom School of Business, the Susilo Institute pursues two primary goals:

  1. To raise organizations’ awareness of the benefits of embracing ethical values and enhancing social good, and;
  2. To develop a toolkit consisting of frameworks, metrics, courses, case studies, etc. to measure and advance social impact (e.g., equality, humanity, sustainability).

The Susilo Institute achieves these goals through a combination of approaches ranging from behavioral insights to data analytics to qualitative research, with a commitment to producing scalable results.

The Susilo Institute pursues this vision in the context of cross-cultural relationships, having focused on understanding, appreciating, and learning from a global perspective since our inception.