Knudson with class
Graduates of the School of Theology have assumed various educational posts, from professors to presidents.

Below is a partial list of graduates and students of Boston University who have become educators. Corrections and additions requested.

Gerald Harry AndersonShadrach L. BowmanMarcus D. BuellRichard A. ChartierWilliam Wilcox Edel Edwin C. FergusonAlonzo FlackEdwin S. HavighorstDoremus A. HayesFrancis D. HemmenwayJohn L. HillmanWilliam E. HuntingtonGeorge Swan InnisJohn William KrummelIra Haynes LaFetraHinckley Gilbert MitchellJames MudgeCharles S. NutterGeorge F. OliverNorman Thomas