Famous Prophets

This section is designed to showcase some of the women and men of various backgrounds who embody the legacy of the school of the prophets. For the most part, they include biographies of people who have done outstanding things. This section also includes a documentary history to give readers a sense of what the school of the prophets was like 100 years ago for the average student. The stories found here are inspirational, tragic, and sometimes quite humorous. For those attending Boston University now, they help us locate our own sense of identity and purpose vis-a-vis those who have come before us.


A View From Inside — Documentary History

J.W.E. Bowen — Civil Rights Pioneer

George Fox — Heroic Chaplain at Sea

Georgia Harkness — Witness to the 20th Century

Hinckley G. Mitchell — Old Testament Woes

Josiah Kibira — Living Globally

Remembering Selma

STH Movie

William Taylor Missionaries