Behavioral Medicine strives to offer timely care to students here on campus. While we do not offer long-term care, we refer to a number of local health care providers who have expertise in working with college-aged adults.

Mental Health Care in the Community

We can refer you to qualified therapists, psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses who are a quick walk or T-ride from campus. Community providers have various specialties including working with eating disorders, trauma, OCD and substance abuse. We can also refer students to clinicians with expertise in providing services to LGBTQ students, our international student population and more. We have compiled a list of national resources that all students may access at any time. Here you will find a list of websites, services and organizations that support individuals experiencing a variety of mental health related issues.

Neuropsychological Testing for ADHD

Student Health Services only prescribes stimulant medication to students with valid neuropsychological testing that confirms a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD. Testing must be from a licensed psychologist and completed within the past 3 years. If you require updated testing or have been encouraged by your provider to seek testing, contact us and we can guide you through the process. Students already taking stimulants for ADHD prior to arrival at Boston University should ask their current providers for a supply of medication before coming to Boston.

How to get a Referral

If you are looking for a referral to a therapist, prescriber, or other mental health provider outside of BU, simply call 617-358-5714 to speak with our referral coordinator. You can also contact the referral coordinator using Patient Connect.

  • Go to Messages
  • Click on New Message
  • Choose Referrals
  • Choose Behavioral Medicine (Mental Health or Counseling) and click on Continue

Please send a message to the Behavioral Medicine Referral Coordinator to get a referral, or to ask a question about the referral process.