Whether you’re struggling with homesickness, feeling disconnected, academic pressure, sleep, or other stress, All Ears is a place to talk with another student who gets it – and help you find a way forward.

How can All Ears Help Me?

All Ears is a FREE peer listening program open to any BU student who is looking for a supportive, nonjudgmental space to talk with a trusted peer. If you’re feeling stressed, peer listeners are here to listen to what’s on your mind, problem-solve by your side, and help you explore mental health support available at SHS. Please note this is not a counseling program.

We’re All Ears: Meet the Team

Lekha AminLekha Amin
Pronouns: she/hers
Program: MPH, 2nd Year International Graduate Student
Favorite Health Topics: Mental health, wellbeing, relationships, stress and mindfulness
Other interests: I love exploring Boston, walking, and reading.

Tori IngulliTori Ingulli
Pronouns: she/hers
Class of 2025
Majors: Psychology and Film and Television
Favorite Health Topics: Mental health, chronic illness, healthy friendships
Other interests: I am the Historian for the BU Filipino Student Association Executive Board. I love to read, spend time with my cat, watch movies, and train horses.

Sohail Mohammed
Pronouns: he/him
Class of 2025
Major: Data Science
Favorite Health Topics: Physical and spiritual wellbeing
Other interests: I’m involved with the Islamic Society of Boston University and doing research at Mass General Hospital.

Peyton Nguyen
Pronouns: he/him
Class of 2025
Major: Health Science
Favorite Health Topics: Global health, mental health, Queer health
Other interests: I love to bake, so I can normally be found trying out new recipes. I also enjoy reading, and I’m on the hunt for the best chai latte in Boston!

How to Schedule a Meeting with All Ears

You’ll be asked to complete a brief form that includes a little bit about what you would like to talk about, and select a time that works for you.  

Schedule a Meeting

Frequently Asked Questions


This pilot program was created in collaboration with the BU Student Government Social Advocacy Department and Executive Board. We thank them for their contributions and advocacy in creating a peer-to-peer program to support student mental health!