Northeastern University

The Boston Navy ROTC unit is a consortium that includes students from Boston University and Boston College. All Navy ROTC scholarships are for nursing only and cover full tuition, mandatory fees, a $375 per semester book stipend, and a $250 per month living stipend that increases by $50 each year. For students on Northeastern University’s five-year program, the Navy grants “Fifth Year Benefits,” which mirror those of the fourth year. Upon graduation, there is a four-year active-duty commitment.

NROTC nursing students are required to take four naval science classes, in addition to their regular course work, and attend a leadership laboratory once a week. All classes, labs, and group workouts are conducted at Boston University. Students typically spend a total of six to eight hours per week participating in NROTC-related activities. Additionally, Navy nurses complete two summer cruises, or training sessions, prior to graduation, each of which lasts approximately four weeks. They spend one session with a medical unit at sea (on a Navy ship) and one session at a land-based Navy hospital. All lodging, transportation, meals, and uniforms are paid for by the Navy during summer training sessions. For more information, contact Naval ROTC  at 617-353-4232.