Service Center Administration provides guidance and information concerning compliance with federal regulations and University policies and procedures as they pertain to service center operations. We provide oversight and review of the financial aspects of service centers, analyze and approve the rates charged to users for their services, and provide guidance for financial aspects of cores. This office also evaluates proposals for new service centers in conjunction with the Associate Provost for Research on CRCCharles River Campus and the Deans for Research on the Medical Campus. We welcome your inquiries, questions, and comments.

Whether you want to find out more about our work or have a specific Service Center Administration question, we’d like to hear from you.

The NIH has issued the document FAQs for Costing of NIH-Funded Core Facilities. This document does not change or promulgate policy, but is intended to clarify questions as they relate to core facilities that receive funding from NIHNational Institutes of Health and/or are used by investigators with NIH funding.


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