Once an award is ready for processing, Sponsored Programs takes the following steps:

  • Notifies the Principal Investigator/Project Director (PIPrincipal Investigator View Boston University's policy on.../PD), Department Administrator (DA), appropriate compliance offices, and other applicable offices, that the award has been received.
  • Creates or modifies award and account information in Kuali Research and SAPBoston University’s financial system.
  • Notifies the PI/PD and DA that funds can now be expended and alerts you to specific key terms and conditions of the award.

Forward any awards received to ospera@bu.edu.

Account Set-up

After the award notice is distributed to the PI, award data is entered into the Kuali Research system and transmitted to SAP to facilitate the creation or modification of internal orders. Many awards will have only one account (internal order), but in the following circumstances, more than one internal order will be created:

  • Segregating funds for a continuation year when (a) an award is authorized year to year and (b) the sponsor requires an annual financial report or an annual invoice and (c) carryforward requires sponsor approval.
  • Segregating funds for each core and/or project within a multi‐project award.
  • Segregating funds representing individual tasks under a master agreement.
  • Segregating funds for fabricated equipment.
  • Segregating funds for participant support costs.
  • Segregating funds for management by individual Principal Investigators on an award with more than one named PI (for example, NIHNational Institutes of Health Multiple PD/PI award).
  • Segregating funds in a holding account for later distribution to an active child award.
  • Segregating funds for a supplement when the supplemental funds can’t be co‐mingled with existing funds.
  • Any other circumstance in which the sponsor requires certain funds to be segregated.
  • At the department’s request.

In most cases, accounts are setup within 5 days of award receipt or as applicable, the final execution of agreement with the sponsor.

Advance Account Request

A PI who would like to request an advance account should complete an IPAR form, have it signed by the department chair or dean, and submit it to the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Pre-award costs are permissible under most federal grants and allow the institution to incur certain costs up to 90 days in advance of the actual award start date, or in advance of delayed receipt of an award. In the event that the award is not forthcoming, the department or school will be responsible for any pre-award costs incurred.

Pre-award cost for contracts may not be institutionally approved; however, the contracting agency may authorize pre-contract costs if negotiated by Sponsored Programs and accepted by the agency.

See IPAR form