When it comes to a research proposal, there are a lot of requirements, a lot of t’s to cross and i’s to dot. And not just for the potential sponsor, but for the University as well. We get it. That’s why we’ve tried to break the process into manageable pieces. Below, you’ll find an outline of applicant responsibilities and deadlines.

Whether it’s connecting you to past grant winners, helping you write an effective proposal, or providing guidance on developing a budget, we’ve compiled the essential information you’ll need to create your proposal.

Roles and Responsibilities

The following roles and responsibilities have been defined with regard to the proposal review and submission process: Principal Investigator (PIPrincipal Investigator View Boston University's policy on...), Department Administrators, and Research Administrators.

Proposal Process Flow

In order to facilitate a timely, orderly, and thoughtful review in Sponsored Programs, it is expected that Principal Investigators (PI) and their Departmental Administrators (DA) will provide a complete proposal package in advance of the sponsor deadline in accordance with Boston University’s proposal submission policy.

All proposal submissions must include a complete Proposal Summary Form signed by the BU Principal Investigators and all appropriate school approvals. Proposal submissions from University-wide centers or institutes that include investigators with appointments within a school or college must be routed to all appropriate center approvals as well as applicable school approvals. This gives schools and colleges the opportunity to review the committed levels of effortThe term Effort is used for persons charged to Sponsored Res... More on proposal submissions.

The following should be included if the proposal:






If the proposal is being submitted through a sponsor electronic system (e.g., grants.gov, FastLane), the PI and DA are responsible for preparing all required documents in the system. The PI/DA will notify the Sponsored Programs RA when the proposal is complete and ready for final Sponsored Programs review and submission.

If the proposal is being submitted as a hard copy, the PI and DA are responsible for preparing all required documents and providing the complete proposal to Sponsored Programs for final review and preparation of a transmittal letter and representations and certifications as required.

Many federal agencies require the institution to register and setup an account for the PI in the electronic submission system before the proposal is prepared.

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