Tian Yu Cao

Professor of Philosophy, College of Arts & Sciences

Before coming to Boston University in the fall of 1994, Tian Yu Cao did research at Trinity College (University of Cambridge), Northwestern University, Harvard University, and MIT. He was a Visiting Fellow of All Souls College and Wolfson College, Oxford (2000-01); a joint member in the School of Natural Sciences and the School of Historical Studies, the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton) for the academic year 2004-05.

Dr. Cao is currently working on: The Making of QCD (forthcoming from Cambridge University Press), Structural Realism (a book-length monograph, soon to be completed) and Philosophical Issues in Quantum Gravity (a book-length monograph, in preparation)

Dr. Cao is the author of: Conceptual Developments of Twentieth Century Field Theories (Cambridge University Press, February 1997); second printing and paperback edition with minor revisions, May 1998; this book was reviewed in more than 20 journals of philosophy, of history and philosophy of science, and of physics, published in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, China and Russia. From Current Algebra to the Genesis of QCD – A Case for Structural Realism (Cambridge University Press, 2010; paperback edition forthcoming in October 2012).

Dr. Cao has also published numerous articles on the philosophy, history and sociology of science, as well as other topics of his interests.