Sean Kealy

Clinical Associate Professor of Law, School of Law

Sean Kealy graduated from Temple Law School in 1994. He was an assistant attorney general from 1995-1999 where he worked on victim compensation claims and prosecuted insurance fraud. From 1999-2007 he worked as legal advisor to State Senator Cynthia Stone Creem (D-Newton) and counsel to the General Court’s Joint Committee on Criminal Justice and the Joint Committee on Revenue. While working for the Legislature, Professor Kealy had the opportunity to work on many notable issues such as: the revised sex offender registry, the creation of “buffer zones” around reproductive health clinics, drunk driving legislation, modernizing corporate tax laws, creating new tax credits to encourage economic development, legalizing and encouraging stem cell research, and ensuring equal marriage rights.

Professor Kealy has taught criminal justice at Massachusetts Bay Community College and Suffolk University and has written law review articles on a variety of topics dealing with statutory changes to protect victim’s rights, improve the definition of murder and revise the Federal Posse Comitatus Act. He also co-edits a bi-monthly newsletter on recent changes to the criminal law that is distributed to prosecutors, members of law enforcement, defense attorneys and academics.