Samuel Mendlinger

Professor of Administrative Sciences, Metropolitan College

Dr. Mendlinger is a dual American-Israeli citizen whose research has resulted in agricultural and tourism related economic development in over twenty countries in North America, Asia, Africa, and South America. He holds several patents, has over sixty international peer-reviewed publications, has presented in numerous conferences, and received more than twenty international peer-reviewed grants. His current research and teaching interests include responsible and sustainable economic growth in developing countries, the effects of tourism development on the local population, and how small- to medium-sized businesses adapt to tourism development and growth. In the past three years, he has had projects or has advised projects in the Dominican Republic, United Arab Emirates, China, Liberia, Tanzania, Israel, and the United States.

Mendlinger directs the Economic Development & Tourism Management concentration for the Master of Science in Administrative Studies. He teaches courses in Eco-Tourism; Cultural Tourism Asset Development; Economic Development via Tourism in the Developing World: Tanzania (in which the students spend ten days in Tanzania); Culture and Development; Operations Management; and Mathematics. Mendlinger is also the editor-in-chief of theĀ Journal of Service Science and Management, a new journal dedicated to the service industries.