Leslie Dietiker Headshot

Leslie Dietiker

Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Wheelock College of Education and Human Development

Leslie Dietiker (BU) is an Associate Professor in Mathematics Education at Boston University. Dr. Dietiker is a mathematics teacher educator and researcher with over 20 years of experience leading professional development. She taught high school for 17 years and is a co-author of seven mathematics textbooks for Middle and High Schools. She is interested in learning how to improve the quality and structure of mathematics curriculum as found in textbooks, lesson plans, and enacted in classrooms. Her research also explores how to support teacher curricular decision making. She is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) in secondary mathematics and is an elected member officer of the Executive Board of the International Society for the Design and Development of Education (ISDDE). In 2022, Dr. Dietiker received the Metcalf award for Excellence in Teaching from Boston University.