Larry Yackle

Basil Yanakakis Faculty Research Scholar Professor of Law, School of Law

Larry Yackle has written six books: Federal Courts (Carolina Academic Press, 3d ed. 2009); Regulatory Rights: Supreme Court Activism, the Public Interest, and the Making of Constitutional Law (University of Chicago Press, 2007); Federal Courts: Habeas Corpus (Foundation Press, 2003); Reclaiming the Federal Courts (Harvard University Press, 1994); Reform and Regret (Oxford University Press, 1989); and Postconviction Remedies (Lawyers Coop, 1981). His special interest is federal habeas corpus for state prisoners. He has written a number of articles on that subject, the most recent of which are: State Convicts and Federal Courts: Reopening the Habeas Corpus Debate, 91 Cornell L. Rev. 541 (2006); and The Figure in the Carpet, 79 Tex. L. Rev. 1731 (2000). Yackle has written amicus briefs (on behalf of the ACLU) in many of the habeas corpus cases the Supreme Court has considered in the last twenty years.