Jason Yust

Associate Professor of Music, Composition and Music Theory; Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies College of Fine Arts

Jason Yust has taught music theory at BU since 2011 and taught previously at the University of Alabama. He is the founder of the the Mathematics of Music Analysis Group in the Society for Music Theory and active in the Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music as an editor, scholar, and board member, and has acted as guest editor for the Journal of Mathematics and Music and Perspectives of New Music. His research deals with topics in mathematical music theory, music analysis, and music perception and cognition.

His articles have appeared in the Journal of Music TheoryMusic Theory SpectrumMusic Theory Online, the Journal of Mathematics and Music and elsewhere, and he has presented at the Society for Music Theory, the International Conference for Mathematics and Computation in Music, the American Mathematical Society, the New Beethoven Research Conference, the International Society for Music Perception and Cognition, the Society for Eighteenth Century Music, and numerous other regional music theory meetings, international conferences, and symposia. His book, Organized Time: Rhythm, Tonality, and Form, forthcoming from Oxford University Press, deals with musical structure across different modalities in tonal music from music-analytic, historical, and mathematical perspectives.