Hyeouk Chris Hahm

Associate Professor, Social Research, School of Social Work

Dr. H. Chris Hahm is an Associate Professor of the School of Social Work at Boston University. Her research topics include substance use, mental health, and health care utilization among Asian-Americans. She is an author of numerous peer-reviewed journal publications and has given about 120 professional talks locally, nationally, and internationally (www.bu.edu/awship). She has also been funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) through multiple grants, including a dissertation grant award, a diversity grant, a career award, and clinical trial planning award.

She received her Masters and Ph.D. from the Columbia University School of Social Work. She has previously worked as a psychotherapist in New York City, treating people with mental illness and substance abuse issues. She also treated international students, immigrants from various countries, and the children of immigrants. She had also done a post-doctoral research fellowship at the University of California at Berkeley before she joined Boston University, and she served as a visiting associate professor at Harvard Medical School, Department of Psychiatry during her sabbatical leave in 2013.