Fred K. Foulkes

Faculty Director, Human Resource Policy Institute Professor, Management & Organizations Professor of Organizational Behavior, Questrom School of Business

Prof. Fred K. Foulkes, D.B.A., has been a Professor of Organizational Behavior and Director of the Human Resources Policy Institute at Boston University Questrom School of Business since 1981. Prof. Foulkes served as the Chairman and Member of Advisory Board and Director of Deploy Solutions, Inc. Prof. Foulkes has been an Independent Director of Panera Bread Co. since June, 2003. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Society for Human Resource Management, the National Academy of Human Resources, and Kelmscott Rare Breeds Foundation. He serves as Member of Board of Advisors for HighRoads, Inc. He served as a Director of Bright Horizons Family Solutions Inc. since 1998.

He served as Member of the Board of Directors of Deploy Solutions Inc. From 1968 to 1980, Prof. Foulkes was a Member of the Harvard Business School faculty. His principal publications include Personnel Policies in Large Nonunion Companies and Executive Compensation: A Strategic Guide for the 1990’s. He has authored numerous books and articles — including five published in Harvard Business Review — and over 150 case studies. Prof. Foulkes is a recipient of the Employment Management Association Award and the Fellow Award, the National Academy of Human Resources award of distinction for outstanding achievement in the human resource profession. He has taught courses in human resource management and strategic management at Boston University since 1980.