David Rosenbloom

Professor, Health Policy & Management, School of Public Health

David has taught for more than 30 years, with an emphasis on developing new techniques to improve the effectiveness of teaching. He has conducted and published research in both political science and substance abuse including a book on the development of the professional campaign management industry*, four national surveys on community anti-drug organizations and strategies, and numerous articles on substance abuse policy. He is the Director of Join Together, a program of the School of Public Health, which helps communities fight substance abuse and gun violence. He chaired a Special Committee on the Clinical Trial Network program for the National Institute on Drug Abuse National Advisory Council. David serves as a Director of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Stop Handgun Violence and is Chairman of QuitNet.com, Inc. For 8 years, he was Commissioner of Health and Hospitals for the City of Boston, acting as the city’s public health officer and CEO of the city’s public delivery system, including Boston City Hospital, 22 neighborhood health centers, and the emergency medical system. David was also President of Health Data Institute, a company that pioneered the clinical analysis of medical claims data and developed managed care tools and techniques used throughout the country today. *(The Election Men, New York, Quadrangle, 1973)