Daniel Erker

Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics, College of Arts & Sciences

Professor Daniel Erker teaches courses in general linguistics and Spanish linguistics within Boston University’s College of Arts & Sciences. His research interests include language variation, contact, and change, acoustic and articulatory phonetics, Spanish in the United States, the languages of Latin America, and the evolution of human language.

Professor Erker is the director of “The Spanish in Boston Project.” This project (funded by the National Science Foundation (BCS-1423840) aims to describe and understand how Spanish is used in the Greater Boston Area. More about the project: an interview on WGBH’s Under The Radar, a written piece in WBGH’s local news section, an article about the project in BU’s online daily newspaper BU Today.

To learn more about Professor Erker’s research and publications, please visit his website: http://blogs.bu.edu/danerker/.