Barton Lipman

Chair, Dept. of Economics, College of Arts & Sciences

Barton Lipman is the Chair of the Dept. of Economics at Boston University. He studies decision theory and game theory and is one of the founding editors of the journal Theoretical Economics. Lipman received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Michigan in 1985.

His papers include:

“Optimal Allocation with Costly Verification,” with Elchanan Ben-Porath and Eddie Dekel, American Economic Review, 104, December 2014, 3779-3813. (lead article). “Implementation with Partial Provability,” with Elchanan Ben-Porath, Journal of Economic Theory, 147, September 2012, 1689-1724. “Costly Self Control and Random Self Indulgence,” with Eddie Dekel, Econometrica, 80, May 2012, 1271-1302. “Finite Order Implications of Common Priors in Infinite Models,” Journal of Mathematical Economics, 46, January 2010, 56-70. “Temptation-Driven Preferences,” with Eddie Dekel and Aldo Rustichini, Review of Economic Studies, 76, July 2009, 937-971. “Switching Costs in Infinitely Repeated Games,” with Ruqu Wang, Games and Economic Behavior, 66, May 2009, 292-314.