Ayse Coskun

Professor, College of Engineering

Professor Coskun is an affiliated member of the Center for Information and Systems Engineering (CISE) and the Center for Computational Science at Boston University. She was a Junior Fellow of the Hariri Institute of Computing at BU in 2012-13. She has served as an associate editor of the IEEE Embedded Systems Letters, as a member of the Executive Committee of the IEEE Council on Design Automation (CEDA), and as the CEDA Liaison to IEEE Women in Engineering.

Ayse Coskun’s “green” computing research at BU refers to environmentally sustainable computing, particularly to the study and practice of designing, manufacturing, and using computing resources –within a wide range from small embedded computing devices to large scale clusters, datacenters, and cloud computing– efficiently and effectively with substantially lower energy costs than today and with minimal impact on the environment.

Prof. Coskun’s research focuses on developing dynamic energy and thermal management techniques and novel computer architectures that are targeted at reducing the energy consumption and the thermal problems at chip-level and at system/datacenter level, while providing high reliability and maintaining the performance capacity at the same time.

Some of specific areas of interest: designing energy and thermal management techniques for high-performance multicore architectures, 3D stacked systems, and developing highly efficient cooling infrastructures and algorithms.

Prior to joining BU, Professor Coskun worked at Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), San Diego between 2006 and 2009. She visited EPFL in 2005 and 2008 (collaborating with ESL, LSM, and LSI) and Complutense University of Madrid, ArTeCS Group in 2015.