Adriana Craciun

Emma MacLachlan Metcalf Chair of Humanities College of Arts & Sciences

Adriana Craciun is Emma MacLachlan Metcalf Chair of Humanities. She joined Boston University in 2017, having previously taught at the University of California-Riverside, the University of London, and the University of Nottingham.

Her research focuses on interdisciplinary Arctic humanities, the history of exploration, the role of exploration heritage in contemporary Arctic policy debates, and the history of collecting. Her most recent books are Writing Arctic Disaster: Authorship and Exploration (Cambridge University Press, 2016) and The Material Cultures of Enlightenment Arts and Sciences, co-edited with Simon Schaffer (2016). She is currently writing a book with Michael Bravo, Through the Living Arctic, for Cambridge University Press, and a second book on Arctic Enlightenments: Deep Time Floras and the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.