How to Always Love A Profession in Communications

By Christina Miller, Account Supervisor at PRLab.

If you’re a Public Relations major, you’ve heard and seen the reactions from people when you announce your career choice. The pure look of disapproval, or the shiver down your spine when someone says, “So you just plan parties all the time?” Although BU is renowned for its Communication’s program, there seems to be a discrepancy between what this career path really is and what Samantha from Sex and the City does. For those of you majoring in this amazing field, I’m here to applaud you for an outstanding choice, while further reminding you to keep doing what you’re doing by keeping the most important factor of all in mind: a true passion for all that you do.

To be honest, I truly didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do when I decided on majoring in PR.  I just knew I wanted three things in my life: the ability to express and utilize my creativity, deliver messages and content that I can truly support, and to drive change. I realized that these “requirements” were all part of a bigger picture, an overarching reason. That reason was passion. I had not only realized strengths and goals that I wanted to incorporate into my professional life, but a true fire to do so.

Communications is more than just utilizing the power of language to spread a message. You can be taught the science and structure behind providing a message the audience can chew on. However, being able to have the audience digest your message, so much so that it leaves a permanent track in their brains, is where passion comes in. Pristine writing and speaking skills will always be non-negotiable, but even the most fancy-worded, aesthetically pleasing content, will remain void without real emotion behind it. Instilling a true love for what you do will be the deciding factor between your audience’s inability to shake a catchy phrase out of their mind, or wanting to truly do something with the message you delivered.

As we enter into the professional world, we may not always work for clients or brands we love. However, keep yourself motivated by remembering these few things:

  • Always keep in mind why you do what you do. You may not love the product, but love the satisfaction of communicating a message that truly resonates with people and catapults your client or agency to the next level.
  • Impress not only your employers and clients, but yourself with the content and creativity you are capable of delivering. When you have a genuine love for what you do, your work will prove it.
  • Surf the web and catch all the right waves of news. Integrate your “work” into your social sphere by keeping your mind, and news feed, constantly refreshed on the ever-changing social trends. Learn to love being in the know on all that occurs around you, and your “work” will become that much more enjoyable.

Besides being able to go into a variety of different careers within this field, the beauty of being a public relations practitioner is the ability to drive change. Satiate yourself by letting your appetite be a part of the conversation fueling your professional career.  Being a positive force of nature is what makes a public relations practitioner a necessity in the professional world.