Preventing Bike Theft

Bikes parked at bike racks in front of the George Sherman Union.
Photo by Dave Green

Exercise care in where and how you lock your bike and e-scooter. If you must leave your bike outdoors, don’t leave it for long periods of time. Lock all free parts of the bike and scooter or take them with you. Make sure you’re locking your bike to something that is secure.

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Photos—Take a photo of your bike and serial number. This will help in the event the item is stolen.

Vary—Don’t lock your bike or scooter to the same bike rack or in conspicuous places.

Frame—Always lock your bike through its frame and both wheels to an approved bike rack, preferably one with a thick frame.

Wheels—If you lock only your front wheel with the bike lock, you may return to find your bike gone and only that wheel remaining.

Lights—Leave your bike or scooter in a visible, well lit area and if possible avoid leaving it locked for long periods.

Tools—Be vigilant. Current tools of bike theft include bolt-cutters, clippers, pliers and power tools.

Report it—Contact BUPD if your bike or scooter has been stolen.