Meet Bean, BUPD’s Community Resource Dog In Training

What is a Community Resource Dog (CRD)?

Community Resource Dogs are service animals that aim to de-escalate stressful situations and provide support to communities recently affected by crisis or trauma. CRDs are trained to provide comfort and calamity as a supplement to police enforcement and other departmental resources. Learn more about the role of Community Resource Dogs.

Bean’s Training

Golden Opportunities for Independence, or GOFI, is a non-profit organization that focuses on breeding and training English Golden Retrievers to be effective service animals for individuals and communities in need. Bean will be training with GOFI in their CRD training program for the next 14 months and will officially be Boston University’s full-time CRD in the fall of 2025.

Once her training is complete, Bean’s job will be to help those on campus who are experiencing or have experienced crisis or trauma by providing comforting support and stability. Bean will bring comfort to the greater BU community as a stress and anxiety-reducing resource. CRDs are trained to operate in high-intensity environments to help those around them handle high-stress situations and to provide a calming presence.

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