Pet Sitting Scam

Don’t fall for this one… There are a couple of different versions of this scam going around. This is in the ‘too good to be true’ category. The scammer ‘spoofed’ a legitimate email (so we won’t show that here). Spoofing means they send from a different email (such as gmail or hotmail and make it look as is it came from someone with a BU email address.

Note : These will often have different reply email addresses than the one shown here



Hello, I am a student here inĀ Rasmussen College. My Aunty is moving to the school area and needs someone who can pet sit her dogs 3 hours daily within 9am-11pm. Pay is $350 weekly.kindly email her for more info …. .You are to email her with your personal email NOT school email so she can receive your email because most times I email her with my school email she hardly receive my emails. Her email isĀ