Career Exploration

Preparing for your future career requires understanding the options that are available to you.

Researching career pathways, exploring jobs in different industries, developing a professional network, and identifying how your skills, interests, and values align with your desired career are essential parts of career exploration.

A range of resources are available for PhD students at Boston University exploring future careers. The Level 1 Career Development Pathway in PhD Progression has step-by-step guides and resources on the topics listed below. Learn more about PhD Progression and register to earn badges in Level 1 here. Badges available in Level 1 Career Development:

  • Explore Career Resources
  • Career Exploration
  • Individual Development Plan
  • Building Networks and Managing Online Identity
  • Career Conversations with a Mentor

Skillsmatch is a new career exploration tool PDPA is piloting through July 2022. The Skillsmatch tool inventories your current skill set, suggests aligned career families to explore, and provides personalized PhD Progression badge recommendations to fill your skill gaps so that you are prepared for whichever career pathway fits your interests, skills, and values. Learn more and register.

The Career Exploration Resources Table is a non-exhaustive list of career resources organized by social identity. You can also watch a recording of our Career Exploration & Preparation Workshop. Both provide useful starting points for those looking to find general information on both non-academic and academic careers.

Listed below are additional resources for exploring career pathways and finding jobs in both academic and non-academic career tracks.