Michael Caramanis, Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering
and Division of Systems Engineering
College of Engineering
Boston University

E-mail: mcaraman@bu.edu
Phone: (617) 353-3247
Office: 15 Saint Mary's Street, Room 137

Education: Ph.D., Engineering/Decision and Control, Harvard University
NewRAMP: Download

Curriculum Vitae: Download

Supply Chain Scheduling: Download

Smart Grid Development and the Policy Process: Download

PHEV Report 2009: Download

PHEV Report 2010: Download

Load Participation in Coupled Cascading Markets: Download

Tractable Dynamic Transmission Topology Control: Download

Demand Response in Multi-Period Markets and the Case for Complex Bids: Download

Policy for PHEV Charging with Regulation Service Offering: Download

Regulation Service Reserves Offered by a Smart Microgrid Operator: Download

Dynamic Topology Control with Efficient Representation of Line Opening: Download

Regulation Service Reserves Offered Through Market Based Demand Response: Download

Regulation Service Reserves By Flexible Distributed Loads: Download

Distribution Network Retail Markets: Download

Proximal Message Passing Algorithms for Distribution Market Clearing Tractability: Download

Data Center Provision of Regulation Service: Download

Hour Ahead Market Regulation Service Provision: Download

Smart Building Regulation Service Provision: Actor Critic and Approximate Value Iteration Algorithms: Download

Optimal Price-Controlled Demand Response with Explicit Modeling of Consumer Preference Dynamics: Download

Sustainable Power Systems Course Syllabus: Download

Research Connection to Smart Cities Video: click here to see video

Transmission Network Topology Control Amiliorates Congestion for efficint Clean Generation Integration: Download

Co-Optimization of Power and Reserves in Dynamic T&D Power Markets. Proceedings of the IEEE, 2016: Download

Strategic Behavior Analysis of Flexible Distribution Network Loads Participating in Energy and Reserves Day Ahead Market: Download

Security-Constrained MIP Formulation of Topology Control Using Loss-Adjusted Shift Factors: Download

Security-Constrained Transmission Topology Control MILP Formulation Using Sensitivity Factors: Download

Discovery of Dynamic Locational Prices on Power Distribution Networks: Efficient and Robust Distributed Algorithms in the Presence of Binding Voltage Constraints: Download

AC-Based Topology Control Algorithms (TCA) - A PJM Historical Data Case Study: Download

Introduction of Distribution Power Markets: Detailed Modeling and Tractable Algorithms,Elli Ntakou PhD Thesis Draft 2016: Download

Distributed Energy Resources: New Markets and New Products: Download

White Paper on Developing Competitive Electricity Markets and Pricing Structures: Download

Strategic Behavior Analysis of Flexible Distribution Network Loads Participating in Energy and Reserves Day Ahead Market: Download

NUMaterial: Download