Cheryl Ann Blain

Oceanography Division, Naval Research Laboratory

Cheryl Ann Blain arrived at the Naval Research Laboratory’s Oceanography Division in 1994 shortly after completing her Ph.D. in civil engineering at the University of Notre Dame. She also holds an M.S. degree from Princeton University (1989) and a B.S. degree from the University of Notre Dame (1987), both in civil engineering.

Dr. Blain is now a recognized leader in the application of numerical models based on unstructured grids to coastal dynamics, with notable expertise in numerical tide and storm surge modeling.

During her tenure, she has:

  • directed advances in the Navy’s finite-element coastal circulation model (ADCIRC)
  • authored or co-authored nearly 30 refereed journal articles
  • been granted 5 patents that address Naval needs in coastal and riverine prediction.

She is the recipient of an Alan Berman Publication Award with NRL and has accepted numerous Special Act Awards for rapid response modeling efforts in support of Navy operations, user training, and transitions.

Sample publications

  • Blain, C.A., M. K. Cambazoglu, R.S. Linzell, K.M. Dresback, and R.L. Kolar. 2012. The predictability of near-coastal currents using a baroclinic unstructured grid model, J. Ocean Dynamics, 62 (3), 411-437. doi:10.1007/s10236-011-0501-9
  • Blain, C. A. and R. H. Preller, 2007. High Resolution Modeling of Coastal Inundation: User Requirements and Current Practice, A Navy Perpective, Marine Technology Society Journal, 41(1), Spring 2007, 76-83. doi:10.4031/002533207787442312
  • Blain, C. A., R. H. Preller, and A. P. Rivera, 2002. Tidal prediction using the Advanced Circulation Model (ADCIRC) and a relocatable PC-based system, Oceanography, 15(1), 77-87. full text
  • Blain, C. A., J. J. Westerink, and R. A. Luettich, Jr., 1998. Grid convergence studies for the prediction of hurricane storm surge. Int. J. Num. Meth. Fl., 26, 369-401. full text
  • Blain, C. A., J. J. Westerink, and R. A. Luettich, Jr., 1994. The influence of domain size on the response characteristics of a hurricane storm surge model. J. Geophys. Res., 99, 18467-18479. doi:10.1029/94JC01348