The science of predicting and understanding tsunamis, storm surges and tidal phenomena

Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria
Valparaiso, Chile — January 2–13, 2013

An advanced-studies institute aimed at researchers, faculty or PhD students working in the field of modeling wave and ocean phenomena. Travel funding will be provided to 14 participants from the US and 11 participants from Latin America. Self-funded participants are welcome, but space is limited.

Thematic Focus

In the last few years, several devastating events have been due to tsunamis and storm surges, including the deadly Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004), hurricane Katrina (2005), tropical cyclone Nargis in Burma (2008), and the tsunamis of Chile (2010) and Tohoku, Japan (2011).

These natural disasters have cost hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars in losses, and brought to the peak of global consciousness the need to increase our understanding of the natural phenomena that caused them.

With today’s high-performance computing (HPC) capacity reaching levels that allow realistic simulations at a global scale, the prospect of using modeling and simulation with predictive capacity seems at last achievable.

On the other hand, the international reach of these natural events calls for developing strong ties of collaboration. This PASI is thus timely, of international relevance, and can be a catalyst for much-needed collaboration across the Americas.

This PASI aims to be a catalyst for collaboration and provide training to a top-class set of young researchers throughout the Americas.



Funding for travel costs of the PASI instructors, plus travel grants for 25 participants to attend this institute were made possible by NSF award OISE-1242245.  Read more in the About page, and the links provided.

Additional support provided by the hosts, and sponsors.

NEWS — ONR Global awards additional funding for the school

Project leader


The Principal Investigator for the NSF grant, and leading organizer for this PASI is Professor Lorena A Barba, of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Boston University.



Applications for funding to attend this institute are now closed.

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