7th annual Neurophotonics Symposium

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Machine Learning and Photonics in the Neurosciences

Organized by: Brian DePasquale and Michael Economo

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January 17, 2024 from 830am till 600pm
665 Commonwealth Ave, 17th Floor
Computing and Data Sciences Building
Boston University

The last two decades have witnessed a rapid rise in advanced optical methods for imaging the brain at incredible precision and scale, alongside an explosive growth in powerful machine learning approaches for extracting new insights from neuroscientific data. This symposium aims to bring together researchers working at the intersections of machine learning, photonics, and neuroscience to discuss recent advances and ongoing challenges.

Some of the questions to be addressed will be:

1) How are advances in machine learning enhancing experimental methods?

2) How can advances in machine learning be combined with photonics data to offer greater insight into brain function?

3) How can our evolving understanding of brain function inform the development of machine learning methods?

By assembling a diverse group of speakers, representing a wide range of expertise in these rapidly evolving fields, we hope to underscore the importance of multidisciplinary, collaborative research in overcoming current challenges in understanding normal brain function and its dysfunction in disease.


7:30-8:15 Breakfast
8:15-8:30 Welcome

Session 1: Improving measurements

8:30-9:05  Lei Tian (BU)

9:05-9:40  Dushan Wadduwage (Harvard)

9:40-10:15 Adam Cohen (Harvard)

10:15-10:45 Coffee Break

Session 2: Improving analyses

10:45-11:20 Gal Mishne (UCSD)

11:20-11:55 Carsen Stringer (Janelia)

11:55-12:30 Kanaka Rajan (Harvard)

12:30-2:00 Posters and Lunch

Session 3: Making sense of behavior

2:00-2:35 Bob Datta (Harvard)

2:35-3:10 Annegret Falkner (Princeton)

3:10-3:40 Coffee and Posters

Session 4: Making sense of cells and circuits

3:40-415  Brian Cleary (BU)

4:15-4:50 Tony Zador (CSHL)

4:50-5:25 Jeff Lichtman (Harvard)

5:25-7:00 Reception and Posters

Poster Session

Poster submission deadline is January 11.

Please submit this form, if you are interested in being added to the poster session.

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