Cambridge Science Festival Workshops April 22nd

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January 20th, 2015

When: April 22, 2015

Where: Boston University (School of Education Room 130, 2 Silber Way)

Time: 2 pm – 4 pm (note new times)

Free registration at: Cambridge Science Festival Registration Page

The field of network science aims to solve some of the most complex problems facing our society today. In this series of discussions and workshops for teens, families, educators, learn to see the world around you in a whole new way… through the lens of networks! Networks are embedded in our society, biology, chemistry, technology infrastructures, and so much more. Networks are at the interface of science and art. The workshops are progressive in nature or can stand alone. Sign up for as many sessions as you wish.

The workshop will cover the following:

Network Science Overview

Discover the many ways in which network science is changing the ways we explore our and make meaning of our interconnected world. Learn about the role of networks in the spread of disease, the crash of stock markets, the toppling of dictators, and more.

Network Science & Visualizations

Explore some of the principles of design in computational visualization of data and networks and survey a wide range of data visualizations

Student Research

Learn about research a high school student team has done on biological networks.

Organizations and Networks

Many successful organizations accomplish their goals by creating a board of directors, or a small group of people who can support, advise and inspire them. Create your on board of directors and use concepts of network science to consider how best to grow your organization.

For any questions, please contact Paul Trunfio at