MSSP Consulting provides statistical expertise and support to members of the Boston University community. Our services include free problem solving sessions, statistical application consulting, and long-term collaborative projects. Our consulting staff, working under faculty supervision, includes graduate students from the Master of Science in Statistical Practice (MSSP) program as well as doctoral students from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Our consultants can provide assistance with:

  • Project planning (e.g, experimental and survey design)
  • Data analysis, visualization, and evaluation of results
  • Selection of appropriate statistical methods
  • Report and presentation development

We provide three levels of  services:

  • ‘One-and-Done’ (short question/answer sessions of roughly 30 minutes)
  • Limited-Duration (more extended consultation work, limited to no more than 10 hours/ student consultant)
  • Collaborative (more substantial, potentially open-ended work of a collaborative nature)

Please note that our consultations are by appointment only. To set up a time to meet, please submit a request under the “Request a Consultation” tab.