Degree Requirements

Program Description

The Master of Science in Statistical Practice (MSSP) is designed for students who want to acquire fundamental training in statistics and how it is applied in fields like economics, education, law, management, science, and social science, to real world problems. In addition to students with traditional undergraduate training in statistics and mathematics, it also It is suitable for students with backgrounds in fields like biology, bioinformatics, economics, management, neuroscience, psychology, and various areas of engineering. The program requires 32 credits (8 courses), which can be completed in as little as 1 year as a full-time student.

Requirements for the MS Degree in Statistical Practice

Mathematics “Boot Camp”—Pre-prepare in the summer

Students admitted to the MSSP program attend a “boot camp” in the weeks immediately prior to beginning the program. The bootcamp will provide review and an extension of each student’s current mathematical knowledge, and ensure that you are well-prepared for the required course work. Bootcamp will focus particularly on key topics from probability and linear algebra, as well as reviewing relevant aspects of calculus and basic programming. Bootcamp is an integral component of the MSSP program and is therefore required. 

Course Work—Build a solid foundation

The MSSP program course requirements consist of the following eight one-semester courses:

  • GRS MA 675 – Statistics Practicum I
  • GRS MA 676  Statistics Practicum II
  • GRS MA 677 – Conceptual Foundations of Statistics
  • GRS MA 678 – Applied Statistical Modeling
  • GRS MA 679 – Applied Statistical Machine Learning
  • 1 statistics elective at the level of 500 or above
  • 1 two-semester elective sequence from statistics or a complementary discipline

The above electives must be selected with approval from a statistics advisor.

Practicum—Put it all together

  • GRS MA 675 – Statistics Practicum I
  • GRS MA 676 – Statistics Practicum II

All MSSP students are required to take a two-semester practicum course, MA675/676, aimed at developing the “soft skills” required in doing statistics in practice while integrating those skills with quantitative training received in both this and other statistics courses. These goals will be accomplished throughout, with an emphasis on statistical consulting complemented by a series of modules on speaking, writing, software and programming, and data analysis. All MSSP students must successfully complete a final report/portfolio that is the end result of the consulting experiences gained through the statistics practicum.