Codebreakers Coordinator Application

Codebreaker 2022 Coordinator Application



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Grad Student Undergraduate

Expected date of graduation:

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Please Provide two references we may contact.
These could be professors, advisors, supervisors, etc.

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1) Course Information: Please list (course number and title) the courses
that you have taken in computer science and technology (engineering, math, and science).

The following questions ask you to describe any experience you might have.
It is not expected or required that you have experience in all of these areas.
For areas where you have no experience please write N/A.

2) Teaching Experience: Please list any courses for which you have been a TA or CA. Describe your responsibilities.

3) Reserch or Industry Experience: Please briefly discuss any reaserch you have done and/or any experience in industry you might have.

4) Outreach Experience: Outreach Experience: Have you ever participated in any outreach programs or mentored younger students? If so, please briefly describe the program and your role.

5) Leadership Qualities: Describe what you think makes a good leader and give an example of a situation in which you have assumed a leadership role.

6) Describe a time you have worked in a group. What did and didn't work? What did you learn from this experience?

7) Describe which topics in computer science you would be most comfortable teaching and which languages in which you are proficient.