Vol. 25.2 – Summer 2019


Proximate Cause and Patent Law
by Amy L. Landers

Implicit Overruling and Foreign Lost Profits
by Andrew C. Michaels

Misappropriation of Trade Secrets Abroad

Revisiting Trade Secret Extraterritoriality
by Elizabeth A. Rowe & Giulia C. Farrior

Through the Looking Glass: Trade Secret Harmonization as a Reflection of U.S. Law
by Sharon K. Sandeen

Copyright Infringement: Geoblocking and the Internet

Copyright and Geoblocking: The Consequences of Eliminating Geoblocking
by Marketa Trimble

A Hater’s Guide to Geoblocking
by Peter K. Yu

The Impact of Trader Joe’s Co. v. Hallatt on International Branding

Kondo-ing Steele v. Bulova: The Lanham Act’s Extraterritorial Reach via the Effects Test
by Margaret Chon

For Canadian Love of Trader Joe’s: First Sale Doctrine, Reputational Harm, and Lanham Act’s Extraterritoriality
by Xuan-Thao Nguyen

*   *   *

Cyber Realpolitik
by James Dever & Jack Dever