The Journal of Science & Technology Law (JOSTL) publishes the best practical scholarship from experts in the areas of biotechnology, computers and communications, intellectual property, technology transfer and business law for technology-based companies. JOSTL is published by 50 second- and third-year students from Boston University School of Law.

JOSTL is currently available in print as well as online. Please contact JOSTL about new subscriptions and back issue orders (available for Volume 9.1 onward) or William S. Hein & Co. about hardbound back issue orders (available for Volumes 1-9) that cannot be filled by JOSTL.

Latest Issue

Vol. 26.1 – Winter 2020


Exceptional, After All and After Oil States: Judicial Review and the Patent System
by Michael S. Greve

From Terrorists to Trolls: Expanding Web Host Liability for Live-Streaming, Swatting, and Cyberbullying
by Elizabeth M. Jaffe

Autonomous Vehicles and Liability: What Will Juries Do?
by Gary Marchant and Rida Bazzi

Protections for Traditional Knowledge Under State Common Law and Constitutional Law
by Ryan V. Petty


How to Get Away with Copyright Infringement: Music Sampling as Fair Use
by Sam Claflin

The Border Search Exception in the Modern Era: An Exploration of Tensions Between Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Circuits
by Chloe Moeade