Welcoming our Newest Additions to the Innovation Pathway Program

Join us in congratulating these teams on joining the Innovation Pathway program! Without further ado, let’s meet these five teams and learn about their ventures a little more.


Strength from Numbers

First up, we have the Strong family’s Strength From Numbers which is an enrichment program for underprivileged students studying math in elementary and middle school. Started by two brothers, James and Jonathan Strong, Strength From Numbers has taught over 250 students in its 5 years of operation.


Next, (straight from Rome!) we have Ludovica Pujia’s Iperuranium. It seeks to let your ideas become reality so that you will contribute to human progress. Iperuranium desires to help you to find a team, investors, and resources.


Our third team is a group of four people, all originally hailing from Nigeria, and they’ve come together to create PalmFronds. It is a non-profit organization established with the sole function of creating, connecting, and maximizing the opportunities available to young students in Nigeria through scholarship, mentorship, and apprenticeship.


Founded by Diego Segura, Segura offers the possibility of creating a company for low-income people from Latin America who do not have an idea or money to start a business. The idea is to generate business templates – like Canva but for premade businesses.

The Samson Project

Last but definitely not least, we have The Samson Project. Founded by Sapphire Skye Toth, this LLC creates concert spaces in communities that serve not only as performance venues but as centers for education and engagement — providing equitable resources for music creation for as many people as possible.

Congratulations to all the teams! We’re excited to have these amazing ventures join our Innovation Pathway Program and we can’t wait to see what’s next for them!

The Innovation Pathway is a self-paced program that supports ventures of all kinds created by current BU students and alumni who have graduated within the last year. All schools, majors, and education levels are welcome to applyIt’s perfect for ideas with a sustainable business model – think for-profit startups or nonprofit organizations. It is NOT for one-time projects like events. Once accepted, you’ll work toward program milestones at your own pace. Midterms have you pressed for time? No worries. We’ll still be here when they’re over.

By joining the Innovation Pathway (IP), you’ll get:

  • Up to $4,750 in funding
  • Access to coaches, mentors, and other industry experts
  • The ability to pre-book conference rooms at the BUild Lab
  • And more!

Learn more about the program and application details here!

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