Congratulations to the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor Class of 2022!

Since the Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor launched three years ago, it has become the 6th most popular minor at Boston University with more than 180 students having declared the minor this year. The core class, SI 250: Ideas2Impact, has had to add new sections to accommodate the nearly 300 students.

On May 19, Innovate@BU’s BUild Lab hosted dozens of the students who are graduating with the minor for a celebratory graduation ceremony with their family and friends.

Presiding over the ceremony was Professor Ian Mashiter, Interim Executive Director & Director of Curriculum of Innovate@BU and Peter Marton, Director of Entrepreneurship Partnerships at Innovate@BU. After a warm welcome, they revealed how quickly the minor has grown–from 2 graduating seniors in 2020 to nearly 60 in 2022–and expressed how proud of these students they are before turning it over to the day’s guest speakers.

Khashayar Dashti (CAS’18), Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Bastion, encouraged the graduates to experiment and not be afraid of failure.

Four graduating BU students also spoke to their peers, urging them to think big and to use their new skills to make the world a better place. They were: Olivier Pour (COM’22), Glo Robinson (COM’22), Ben Reydler (QST’22), and Sam Zhou (CAS’22).

About the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor

From Innovate@BU, the Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor enables students pursuing any undergraduate major at BU to develop their ideas and create tangible economic or social impact. It’s not just for students who want to “launch a startup,” but for anyone who wants to learn how to be more entrepreneurial in all aspects of their lives.


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