Shop Swapp’s First Pop-Up is a Big Success!

On Thursday, December 1, Shop Swapp hosted their first pop-up thrift store at the BUild Lab for students to buy pre-loved clothing. They worked hard to get the word out and were rewarded with a crowd of more than 100 students buying up about a third of their entire inventory!

“We were thrilled to see that our pop-up shop was a big hit! We also caught the attention of many shoppers who are interested in selling their clothes at our future popups!”
Katie Hill

When asked where they want to take Shop Swapp in the future, Mikayla Crowley said,

“In the future, we hope to expand our inventory in terms of sizing, genders, and styles. For our first pop-up, we used clothes from our close friends, but we are so excited to sell other students’ clothes as well!”

Shop Swapp is currently in the Walk Stage of the Innovation Pathway program.

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