Announcing the Climate Innovation Challenge

In Boston, the effects of climate change are more than hypotheticals; they’re our daily reality. The City of Boston’s Climate Action reports detail the threats we face, including rising sea levels, soaring temperatures, and frequent extreme weather events—all disproportionately impacting our most vulnerable communities.

Yet, there is hope. Young people across the country are rising to the occasion, acting not just as our future leaders, but as present, fierce advocates for a more sustainable, just world.

Right here at BU, we have students who are working on amazing projects, from decarbonizing the BU Charles River Campus to creating a touchless dispenser for common single-use dental supplies that reduces waste in dental offices.

That’s why Innovate@BU is thrilled to announce the BU Climate Innovation Challenge. A challenge that recognizes the immense potential within our student body to make Boston not just resilient, not just prepared, but vibrant in the face of climate adversity.

Whether your idea is just taking shape or is fully developed, we invite you to apply. You may address any of the following issues or something entirely different! Use your imagination.

  • Mitigating extreme heat/cold effects
  • Promoting climate justice
  • Addressing sea level rise
  • Flood prevention and management
  • Zero emissions

Whether you’re pursuing engineering, literature, or social work, we want to hear your ideas. In fact, we hope to receive applications representing all 17 of BU’s schools and colleges!

Winners of the challenge will receive a piece of the $15,000 prize—the largest prize of any previous Changemaker Challenge.

Join us. Let’s build a brighter, more resilient Boston, together.

Learn more and apply to the BU Climate Innovation Challenge here.

About the BU Changemaker Challenge
The BU Changemaker Challenge, organized by Innovate@BU, is a recurring competition designed to harness the ingenuity of the BU community to create positive change in Boston. Each Challenge identifies one pressing real-world issue for which students are invited to put forward potential solutions. Participants will receive individualized coaching, opportunities to engage with the City of Boston and local nonprofits, and compete for $15,000 in funding.

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