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Campus Climate Lab projects seek to harness Boston University’s campuses as testbeds for innovative climate solutions. Efforts can range from science and engineering to health and communications. Find out more about ongoing and previous projects.


Project Spotlight

Establishing sustainable laboratory practices and standard operating procedures that offset waste production in biomedical research

Winner of the 2023 Anthony Janetos Climate Action Prize

Research: Dr. Angie Serrano (Vascular Biology, CAMED) teamed up with Carly Golden (PhD Student, CAMED), Saylor Williams (Serrano Lab Manager), and Greg Miller (CReM Lab Manager) to study sustainable practices for reducing plastic waste and energy consumption in biomedical research. The team utilized PolyCarbin, K-Cup Pod Recycling Program, RightCyCle, and My Green Lab’s Certification process to establish sustainable practices and measured the number of materials that were recycled with the aim of reducing scope 3 emissions related to waste production in biomedical research.

Results: Through their sustainable practices, they diverted 556 pounds of plastic over a 5-month period that would have otherwise been sent to the landfill, and over 400 pounds of plastic was remanufactured into research materials. Read the full story in The Brink.

Implementation: The team plans to present a Standard of Operating Procedures to BU stakeholders that will not have an economic burden on research groups. This will include performing a cost/benefit analysis of materials used in biomedical research, plus assessing and strengthening BU’s partnership with recycling services that were implemented during the timeline of the project. The team will also implement sustainable practices that were recommended by the My Green Lab Certification process in their labs.

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