XCC Feature Story

Resilience Through Real-World Challenges

An XCC classroom isn’t exactly your typical classroom. If you were to take a pick and waltz into any of the classes mapped across the campus, you’d find a mosaic of experiences carefully tied together to foster an environment where you’re asked to say “creative” before you say hello.

The pieces of that mosaic appear when the ordinary confines of a classroom spill into the streets of the city. It’s in those moments when students tour Boston’s alleys and passages to acquaint themselves with tales that slip through the nooks and crannies of history. Sometimes, those moments appear in the time before a class starts.

Music filters in from personalized Spotify lists while students discuss the best way to finance a large scale global music festival that invites hoards of music aficionados close to the stage. Meanwhile, some have students shuffling in the back, making tik tok videos and collating data points as part of a social media campaign for a social equity cannabis business.

Professors Andy Andres, CGS-Natural Sciences and Kathryn Webster, SAR-Physical Therapy (not pictured) meet with representatives from MLB in a course co-titled “Makings of a Great Baseball Player.