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BU’s Cross-College Challenge (XCC) is a unique opportunity for faculty, staff, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and individuals to engage with an interdisciplinary team of undergraduate students on a complex real-world problem or an enduring human question. Students rely on robust experiences to apply theoretical knowledge to practical problems while honing collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills. Conversely, community partners benefit from new and diverse perspectives on their proposed project and a deliverable (report, prototype, etc) as the product of a rigorous academic process.
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  • What do you envision the students doing?
  • Students will be learning research, communication, creativity, and teamwork in this course. Are there any additional skills (analytical, technical, etc) needed by students to be successful.
  • What approaches (if any) have you already taken to solve this problem? What other existing solutions/products are you aware of? What are their shortcomings?
  • Describe the deliverable (report, prototype, film, etc) you expect to receive from your project team.
  • How would you measure success for this project?
  • What other people, resources, or information will you make available to the student team for the success of this project?
  • Please use this field to indicate any extended time away, secondary contact info, or any additional information that you would like to share with your team.