Integrating Hub Areas

Spring 2019 XCC Faculty Meeting

The Cross-College Challenge course is the only Hub courses allowed to carry 4 Hub units. Therefore, the design of each section/project needs to be explicit about how they are teaching these areas and meeting the learning outcomes. This needs to be articulated in the syllabus.


  • Each XCC section is project-driven, often for an internal or external client, with a team project as a central component. Students should help create the project schedule and have interim deliverables that move from lower to higher stakes as the semester and project progress.
  • There is a budget (currently $100 per team) and support for travel/transportation for students.

All of the XCC courses satisfy the Intellectual Toolkit Hub units in Creativity/Innovation, Research and Information Literacy, and Teamwork/Collaboration. The fourth Hub unit addresses Communication in written, oral, and digital forms, and varies by course number. The 6 Hub units and their respective learning outcomes are as follows:

Intellectual Toolkit