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The BU Cross-College Challenge (XCC) is the Hub’s signature interdisciplinary project-based, 4-credit elective course open to juniors and seniors from all of BU’s undergraduate schools and colleges. The XCC engages students in team projects that address a real-world problem or an enduring human question. Students who are especially passionate about a particular subject matter and prepared to be active participants in a rigorous team-based experience are highly recommended to register early as seats are limited.

Each section is co-led by two faculty members from different disciplines. Student teams work with their faculty as well as with a variety of campus and community partners on a substantial, research-based challenge while building their knowledge and skills in 4 key Hub areas.

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All of the XCC courses satisfy the Intellectual Toolkit Hub units in Creativity/Innovation, Research and Information Literacy, and Teamwork/Collaboration. The fourth Hub unit addresses Communication in written, oral, and digital forms, and varies by course number.

Note: These courses are not repeatable for credit.

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Spring 2023 Sections and Projects

HUB XC 420 A1


Kimberly Shuckra (CAS) and Willie Rodriguez (WED)

*HUB XC 433 C1

Janine Bempechat (Wheelock) and Ashley Davis (SSW)


*HUB XC 433 D1

Salvatore Genovese (CGS) and Nathan Phillips (CAS)


*HUB XC 433 B1


Seth Blumenthal (CAS) and Jonathan Hibbard(Questrom)

*HUB XC 433 A1

XCC Spring '23 Puppets

Felice Amato(CFA) and Suzanne Sarfaty (MED)

HUB XC 410 B1

Justice Media_WT_Sp23

Brooke Willams (COM) and Osama Alshaykh (ENG)

HUB XC 475 A1

XCC XCC Spring '23 Spark IF

James Grady (CFA) and Ziba Cranmer (BU Spark!)



Langdon White (CS/CDS)

*For these sections reserved seating will be in place for the first 2 weeks of registration.