At the Crossroads of Theory and Practice

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The BU Cross-College Challenge (XCC) is the Hub’s signature interdisciplinary project-based, 4-credit elective course open to juniors and seniors from all 10 undergraduate schools and colleges. (Sophomores may enroll at the discretion of an instructor.) The XCC engages students in team projects that address a real-world problem or an enduring human question. Each section is co-led by two faculty members from different disciplines. Student teams work with their faculty as well as with a variety of campus and community partners on a substantial, research-based challenge while building their knowledge and skills in 4 key Hub areas.

All of the XCC courses satisfy the Intellectual Toolkit Hub units in Creativity/Innovation, Research and Information Literacy, and Teamwork/Collaboration. The fourth Hub unit addresses Communication in written, oral, and digital forms, and varies by course number.

  • HUB XC 410
    • CRI, RIL, TWC, WIN
  • HUB XC 420
    • CRI, DME, RIL, TWC
  • HUB XC 433
    • CRI, OSC, RIL, TWC
  • HUB XC 475
    • CRI, OSC, RIL, TWC
Note: These courses are not repeatable for credit.
CRI= Creativity/Innovation
DME= Digital/Multimedia Expression
OSC= Oral and/or Signed Communication
RIL= Research and Information Literacy
TWC= Teamwork/Collaboration
WIN= Writing-Intensive Course

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Spring 2022 Sections and Projects

HUB XC 420 B1

Tom Anastasi(QST) and Carrie Bennett (CAS)

HUB XC 433 A1

Felice Amato (CFA) and  Suzanne Sarfaty (MED)

HUB XC 410 A1

Maria Gapotchenko (CAS) and Kathryn Lamontagne (CGS)

HUB XC 420 A1

Kimberly Shuckra (CAS) and Willie Rodriguez (WED)

HUB XC 410 B1

Brooke Willams (COM) and Steve Backman (BU Spark!)

HUB XC 433 C1

Stacy Scott (Wheelock) and Anna Panszczyk (CAS)

HUB XC 433 B1

Seth Blumenthal (CAS) and Jonathan Hibbard(Questrom)

HUB XC 475 A1

James Grady (CFA) and Ziba Cranmer (BU Spark!)